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A game for two players (or one very skilled player). Try to stay as close as possible without touching dongs.

The genitals are attracted to each other, so players will always be fighting back. As the game progresses, the pull becomes stronger. Barriers will also start appearing, making groin avoidance even more difficult.

Points are lost if the players are too far away from each other, signified by red groins. Normal scoring occurs when the groins are different colours. If the players get very close, stars will burst from the raw energy created between them, and MASSIVE BONUS POINTS will be awarded!


Player 1 (Peter Molyneux)
Left: A
Right: D

Player 2 (David Bowie as seen in Jim Henson's Labyrinth)
Left: Left Arrow
Right: Right Arrow

Get the hit soundtrack HERE: http://airvoss.bandcamp.com/track/hugz-groin-gravitation-mix

If the game takes longer than ten seconds to load, please try refreshing the page.

I'm very proud of this game! It was made for Molyjam Deux. I'm very happy with the game itself, which is a lot of fun, and the fact that it points out how absurd hyper masculinity is.

This game was a pretty huge hit, and was even featured at the IndieCade games festival in LA!


Ouya APK File 13 MB


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Challenges are fun.

What's more challenging that trying not to touch dongs in a hug?