In a Manor of Speaking is a punny adventure set in the surreal world of Calembour.

Journey through the bizarre Outlands, the bustling streets of Rudeville, and eventually find your way to the manor itself as you save the land by using the power of words!

Amazingly, though the author was aware of Infocom's Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It, he was unaware of the Manor of Speaking chapter until after conceiving this piece of interactive fiction. It just goes to show that attractive minds think alike!

Featuring built-in hints, In a Manor of Speaking was designed to be enjoyed by both new and experienced players alike.

This was originally going to be a tiny project, but after positive feedback, it kept growing and growing! I'm very pleased with the result, and it was quite popular.

Placed 10th in 18th Interactive Fiction Competition, and nominated for Best Puzzles in the 2012 XYZZY Awards. I was competing for the same award as someone who made a game I adored when I was 12. Life can be a funny old thing.

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