In the near future, the world will be changed by a machine that predicts how a person will die with 100% accuracy... but not clarity.

Would knowing your demise change the way you lived your life?

A collection of three short interactive stories.


This game gets a bit darker than most of my other games (but I still inject quite a bit of humour into it), and I'm quite proud of it. I think I could have executed one of the stories better, but overall I think I made a pretty clever game.

Placed 8th in the 2013 Interactive Fiction Competition.

Inspired by the following webcomic by Ryan North:

There are also books based on the concept! And a card game! And other stuff! They're all quite good. For more information, visit


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Super intriguing premise.  I've had the old age and 'looking up' death cards so far.  It looks like this game will have a lot of replay value.