A game about a photobombing sasquatch.

Remember where the red dot is on each scene (it will vanish after you hide). That's the perfect bombing position, and is where you want Sassy's nose to be! The closer you get to it, the higher you score.

Move sassy with the mouse! To begin each level, move Sassy to the bottom of the screen. Wait for the game to tell you to photobomb, then quickly move Sassy in position! You don't have long!

If you move up too soon, you'll scare the people away and wreck your chances of ruining the photo!

After three photos, you'll be graded on your photobombing skills.


Made for Monster Jam, but missed the deadline! Was also created to help learn how to use Unity. People seemed to enjoy this game, and it made them smile, but I think it could be better. I really like the idea behind it, but would like to revisit it sometime with different and more interesting mechanics.

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