A puzzle platformer. Explore a temple and use the clues you find to solve the puzzle.


After years of digging through the dirt, you finally find the entrance to the ancient temple your father wrote about.

Stumbling through the darkness, you fall down a hole and unwittingly trap yourself inside. Getting up, you look around you and see a strange, unrecognisable language on the walls... yet you can read it, as if intuition is unveiling hidden knowledge locked within your mind. How is this possible?

Can you solve the riddle of the temple and escape?

CONTROLS: Left and right to move, up to jump, space to interact with wheel.


This was made for multiple jams, and meets three themes: intuition, wheels and dirt, and you are the monster. It was my first platformer, so that was exciting for me!

It turns out puzzle games are terrible for a jam environment, though. I'm also not very happy with the game. I mean, it's okay enough as a game I guess, but it doesn't really feel like "me."

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