You rub your eyes and peer out of the taxi window, confirming that you have arrived at your destination.

You're here to investigate why no one has heard from your brother, Thomas, in weeks. Though the two of you have never been particularly close, he's still your brother, and you can't help but be concerned about his apparent disappearance.

What horrors await you inside the Arkham Hunting Lodge?


A hypertext horror game designed for Ectocomp 2012, and inspired by the likes of Hunt the Wumpus. Placed third.

My first pure horror game! Apparently I was quite successful, because one player refused to keep playing after a certain event happened. I'm pretty happy with this one, both because the game is quite neat, and it's also a technical achievement in Twine. I'm pretty sure this was the first Twine game to feature a roaming NPC.

Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorHulk Handsome
Made withTwine
Tagseldritch, Horror, hunting, Lovecraftian Horror, Twine


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Hi! I am contacting creators/developers on behalf of a graduate researcher studying how Lovecraft is represented in games. If you have time to complete a 10-minute survey about The Hunting Lodge, please send a message to: masonsmith [at] tamu [dot] edu.

Neat stuff!