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Made for The Boob Jam.


AFTER THE FIRST SET OF BOOBS (which are used as reference points)...
Try to place the nipples where they would have moved to on the NEW set of boobs!
*DON'T* aim for the previous flashing and coloured nipples!
They are there to both show how well you did previously AND to throw you off!
The flashing nipples show the correct position after you finish placing your own!
REMEMBER: The nipples are always the same distance from the bottom and sides of the boobs.
It's only the BOOBS changing size! GOOD LUCK!

A & D

ENTER to make menu selection.
SPACE to skip introduction text.


When I first released this game on the web, it was moderately popular and received some nice press. This attitude changed when I ported it to OUYA, where many people thought I was opening the floodgates to pornographic games (even though this game is NOT pornographic), and I became some sort of mythical porn baron. They were VERY upset with me. Because of nipples.

It turns out I wasn't the destroyer of the OUYA, of course. That turned out to be the OUYA itself. I liked the little console...

Anyway, I then ported it to Android, and it was banned by Google in under twenty minutes. The reason they gave me was that it's designed for sexual gratification, which is ironic as the game was created as a statement against games that did just that with the female body. Predictably, my appeal failed, so now you can only download it from here.

Note that the mobile version plays quite a bit differently to the original one.

Free the nipple!

PlatformsAndroid, Flash
Rated 1.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorHulk Handsome
TagsArcade, nudity, the-boob-jam
Average sessionA few minutes


Android Phone APK 17 MB
Ouya APK File 17 MB

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