This game is inspired by the playwright Aeschylus, who died when a bird dropped a turtle on him after it confused his bald head with a rock.

Your cursor is the bird! Click on the turtle, then drag it. Fling your mouse and release the button to let the turtle fly!

Or simply drop the turtle! The choice is yours!

Your score increases when the turtle is in the air! Hit a playwright, and it will quadruple! Don't hit any playwrights, and you score zilch!

Press the left mouse button to nudge the turtle left, and the right button to nudge it right BUT scoring in the air will stop.

You are deducted points each time you nudge the turtle, and the deduction gets higher each time!

If you hit a playwright, scoring is resumed and the score penalty goes back to 50 points until you nudge again.

Press "Space" or "R" to restart the level!

Try to hit as many playwrights as you can and get a high score!

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